This is how you position yourself in your niche as an expert! (Interview with Aaron Ross)



This is how you position yourself in your niche as an expert! (Interview with Aaron Ross)

by Bano Diop | Der Eventmanagement Podcast


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Sales expert Aaron Ross reports in the Bano Diop event management podcast on how entrepreneurs can optimally position themselves in their niche.

In this episode I talk to Aaron Ross, Co-CEO of Predictable Revenue, keynote speaker and author. In several best-selling books, including „The Sales Bible of Silicon Valley“ and „From Impossible To Inevitable“, Aaron Ross talks about how companies can achieve above-average growth.

Aaron Ross is not only a specialist in maximizing revenue through outbound sales and top speakers worldwide, but has also helped the international provider of cloud computing applications, Salesforce, achieve record-breaking success. As if that wasn’t remarkable enough, he is also the father of nine children. If anyone knows how to get your priorities right and work successfully towards your goals, it’s Aaron Ross.

I am pleased to welcome Aaron Ross for the first time in a German-language podcast to talk to him about the topic of correct positioning in a niche. A special feature for me: My first podcast interview in English, true to the motto: „You cannot grow within your comfort zone“.

If you want to make yourself unbeatable as a service provider in a niche, you have to manage to stand out from the crowd. There is always competition (and others who offer the same or similar services or products as you do). It is important to find out what makes your service stand out from others, what makes it special. This is the key to your success.

Aaron Ross has gained a lot of experience in different areas during his career. These range from investment banking to product marketing to sales consulting. In addition, he has dedicated himself to many projects that had one thing in common: helping people. Helping entrepreneurs achieve more sales, work less and have more free time, etc.

With the founding of his family, Aaron Ross decided in 2011 to focus on his niche and establish his expert status with outbound selling.

It is important to do what you do with passion. You can have many interests, but it is passion that drives us from the inside out and makes us invest strength and perseverance in what we do.

If you want to increase your company’s revenue, as Aaron Ross did with salesforce.com, two things are especially important.

  1. make the service reproducible and therefore scalable1. make the service reproducible and therefore scalable This requires long and intensive research and perseverance. Many entrepreneurs fail exactly at this point, because they want to skip this point and go directly to the implementation.
  2. Increase your resources based on the desired turnover target if the product is scalable, you can increase your resources and adapt production/distribution to your goals.

How do I differentiate my service from other service providers?

  1. specialize! Are you a sales expert? Specialize in outbound selling, for example. Be an expert for a top target group.draw attention to yourself! 
  2. Find a way to get your message across. In a special way, such as a podcast, a book, social media, etc.
That way you can stand out from the crowd!

How do I achieve expert status?
„Everyone is an expert in one thing for a certain target group“It is important to develop constantly and to do what you preach yourself. „practice what you preach“If you want to be an expert, it is important to find role models, mentors from whom you can learn, who inspire you and make you work hard on them.

How do I manage to satisfy my customers in the long run?
The most important thing for a good customer satisfaction is to help the customers to business success, respectively to satisfy their needs completely. If you care about the well-being of your customer, he will be satisfied with the result. Quick business deals and rat-hunting sales are not sustainable nowadays. The market has changed from a sellers‘ market to a buyers‘ market. The customer is king. But that does not mean that the customer is always right. If necessary, a good business partner has to make his customer think things over again to become more successful. 

Many thanks to Aaron Ross for this great and inspiring interview!

Have fun listening!



Aaron Ross – Bestseller Buch:
From Impossible to Inevitable: How SaaS and Other Hyper-Growth Companies Create Predictable Revenue 2nd Edition


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